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Stray Sod - Issue #5


Fantasy / Adventure / PG

In her growing frustration with the Shadowlands, Ina has gone too far, and she must try to make amends. A member of the fae realm steps up to put her in the necessary path, but will Ina be able to remain on it?

Collecting the fifth chapter of the web comic in print, Stray Sod Issue #5 contains 25 full-color interior pages in standard comic book size, shipped in an archival storage bag with no backing board.*


Signed copies are available - please select "Issue #5 - Signed Copy" from the dropdown menu if you wish for a signed copy.

* Unlike previous issues, Issue #5 will not come with a backing board. The book was printed on different stock and weighs just enough to double shipping fees. Removing the backing board keeps the shipping cost down, but the comic will still be packaged in a flat, rigid mailer to keep it as pristine as possible. Exception: If the book is ordered with a 3-dimensional object like a pin, a bubble mailer will be used, in which case a backing board is included to keep the comic protected.